Theme based 3D Cakes

            These cakes are our specialty. They are like sculptures, which are edible. These cakes are 3 dimensional, that means you can select vertical designs also. Talk about any shape, any size, any design – and you can have it as your cake.We will turn your dream fantasies in to your cake. We design Wedding cakes, Birthday cakes, Anniversary cakes, Promotional cakes or cakes for any event. These cakes are made with fresh cream or with fondant, according to the design you select and as per your preference. All the cakes are egg less. Minimum 3 K.G. order is required for these cakes. Please give your order five days in advance.

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Glee - View Gallery

Festival Cakes

      * Flavors and Feelings can be mixed and matched as per your liking.

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Gluttony - View Gallery

Sinfully rich Indulgent cakes

            (These cakes are either made with fresh cream or butter icing or Chocolate ganache. They are made with the choicest of ingredients sourced from around the world. All the cakes are egg less. Please give your order two days in advance.)

Liqueur cakes

            (These cakes are made with finest liqueurs, with fresh cream or butter icing or cream cheese. They are egg less. Please give your order two days in advance.)

  • Orange cheese mousse cakeorange | bakemydreams
    Orange cheese mousse cake

    (Made with Cointreau, Orange juice and grated orange zest....yum)

  • Chocolate mousse cake

    (Chocolate mousse cake made with chocolate liqueur)

  • Rich X-mass cake

    (Rum soaked currents, candied peels and dry fruits, spices and brandy make this cake must for x mass celebrations)

  • Black forest cake

    (Chocolate sponge with Kirsch - Chery liqueur and fresh cherries with fresh cream)

  • Russian cake my style

    (Made with Joconde sponge, Cognac, Chocolate, Praline butter cream and Almonds)

  • Bananier my style

    (Joconde sponge sandwiched with banana mousse, lemon chiboust and Rum)

  • Alhambra my style

    (Hazelnut sponge cake sandwiched with chocolate ganache and glacage with Coffee and Rum)

      * Flavors and Feelings can be mixed and matched as per your liking.

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Guilt Free

            Ever thought of eating desserts at your hearts content without feeling guilty? Now you can. All the cakes in this category are made from 100% whole wheat flour, or in combination of your choice of other healthy flours like Ragi, Soya bean, Jawar, Bajri etc. No maida or eggs are used in these cakes. They can be made without sugar also. (Jaggery, Date syrup, Apple juice or Sugar free will be used.), You can choose Vegan or organic option too when possible. Please give your order one day in advance.

Pure Cakes

            (These cakes are without any icing or unnecessary decorations, For the lovers of pure taste of cakes. You can have it as a tea cake or a dessert, Choice is yours. You can get them in cup cake form also.)

  • Everyone's favorite chocolate cake
  • Double chocolate and Oats cake
  • Walnut, Date and Honey cake
    guilt free

    Guilt Free - View Gallery

  • Peach and Cherry cake
  • Fruity fun cake
  • Tangy marmalade cake
  • Date, Walnut and Banana cake
  • Pumpkin and Ginger cake
  • Black berry and Apple cake
  • Apple, Pear and Peach cake
  • Apricot cake
  • Oats and Honey cake
  • Cranberry and poppy seeds cake
  • Carrot, Apple and Raisin cake
  • Cherry and Almond cake
  • Apple and Cinnamon cake
  • Citrus poppy seeds cake
  • Orange and Almond cake
  • Mango, Banana and Coconut cake.
  • Strawberry and Cinnamon cake
  • Pear, Hazelnut and chocolate cake
  • Chocolate and carrot cake

Cakes with little sin

            (These delicious cakes are with frosting or icing. Some are cheese cakes, some are Sour cream cakes. You can get them in cup cake form also. They are also made with 100% whole wheat and other healthy flours and are egg less.)

  • Sticky Ginger cake with Ginger fudge icing
  • Lemon cake with Rosemary syrup
  • Blue berry sour cream cake
  • Almond and Chocolate cake with Apricot cream
  • Mocha Chocolate cake with Caramel icing
  • Coconut and Raspberry cake with Coconut butter cream frosting
  • Carrot cake with orange juice and Orange frosting
  • Mocha fudge cake with coffee icingcoffee | bakemydreams
    Mocha fudge cake with coffee icing
  • Blue berry cheese cake Gateau
  • Banana cake with cream cheese frosting
  • Dark Chocolate and Orange cake with Chocolate Ganache
  • Cappuccino cake with White Chocolate frosting

      * Flavors and Feelings can be mixed and matched as per your liking.

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