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Medal Winner at HBC Baker's Challenge 2011 at World Trade Centre, Mumbai

           Hi, My name is Rintu Rathod.I'm trained as a Commercial Designer. I've studied at the prestigious Faculty of fine arts, M.S. University, Baroda. I did my graduation in commercial designing and masters in Journalism and Mass communications.

          When I got married 14yrs ago, I didn't know how to make even tea. I never learnt cooking before because I used to think educated people should not cook. How wrong, naive and ignorant I was!!

          Quickly I discovered my husband was a foodie. Way to his heart was through his stomach. So, I started cooking for him and I loved it. Baking followed. I started loving it more.

          When my son was born 6 years ago, I decided to close my business of designing to become a full time - hands on mom. During this period, I studied baking. I collected hundreds of books on baking. I studied professional baking from le cordon blue books. I have never learnt baking from anybody else, I did experiments, Learnt from my mistakes. I was baking for my husband and son, and obviously I wanted to bake healthy stuff for them. So I developed formulas for 100% whole wheat cakes, Sugarless cakes and other healthy treats. We are vegetarians, so all my bakes are without eggs.

          Soon friends started requesting for cakes. I started loving it so much that not a day would go without baking, That's when I discovered that baking is my true passion and I need to bake to remain happy. And I decided to turn my passion into my profession aided by my ability to design.

          I have combined my two passions - Designing and Baking, Which I think is a lethal combination for this business. I can turn your dream fantasies in to yummy cakes. I can design cakes which you can keep in art galleries if you have a tremendous self control over yourself, of course.

      My Achivementsachivement | bakemydreams

Our Sugar Ganesha - winner in Times Green Ganesha Contest by the Times of India.

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Sugar Ganesha

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